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Fresheners & Deodorizers:

-Odorex Fabric Deodorizer * removes offensive odours from clothing, fabrics and carpets and may be used on curtains, blankets , mattresses and cloth upholstery * Neutralizes smoke odours * Can also be used on car fabrics. - Room fresh spray * Delicate fresh and floral fragrance Floors and Tiles -Tilex (Ceramic Tile cleaners) *floor and wall tile cleaner for ceramic and linoleum tiles that does not leave a sticky residue. Can also be used on terracotta, marble and sealed wood. Kitchen

Sanitol antibacterial kitchen cleaner

*Sanitol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner has been specially formulated to ensure a hygienically clean kitchen by destroying 99.9% of germs and leaving surfaces shiny and clean. It can be used on all work surfaces, appliances, counter tops, sinks, microwave ovens and tiles. - Grillex , oven & grill cleaner * Cuts grease & lifts dirt fast. Very effective on oven grids and baking trays. Toilets & Bathroom - Sanitol antibacterial bathroom cleaner *The advanced non-abrasive formula penetrates and loosens soap scum and grime and removes mould and mildew. - Emmarald Cherry (cleans , sanitize & deodorize) *Bathroom & floor cleaner that can also effectively cleans toilets, basins, taps, showers and floor and wall tiles. Does not leave a sticky residue. - Urinal tab

Drain boy

*An overnight alkaline drain cleaner. It dissolves the sludge build up in drains & and removes bad drain smells. - Bleach Disinfectants - Lavender and Pine *eliminates bacteria and bad odours and is used for disinfecting floors and surfaces, bathrooms, toilets, drains, dustbins and general disinfecting. It has a fresh lavendar and pine fragrance. - Windows clean spray - Household clean spray

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